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Stunning boulder gym. Friendly staff, nice problems....

....great coffee and something to eat. They just added an area with free weights. Highly recommended.

Had a really great induction with Ollie, was very comfortable, informative and enjoyable. We will be back! Thank you.

  My daughter does the kids session on Saturday morning.... There is free parking outside...

…the staff have been friendly and good with the kids. My Daughter really likes the classes and I can see her using this centre for a long time!

Really enjoyed our taster session here, the staff were really supportive and the climbing routes had a lot of variety.

Climbing Centre in Openshaw, Manchester

Indoor climbing is an excellent activity for improving strength, boosting balance and building endurance. Rapidly gaining popularity across the globe, this sport promises a plethora of benefits. Indoor climbing is a low-impact activity that effectively strengthens muscles and improves flexibility.


Indoor climbing is the ultimate sport for adrenaline junkies, fitness enthusiasts and fun seekers. Besides a fully immersive physical activity, climbing is also mentally challenging. This full-body workout encourages your mental focus, and gives you a much-needed break. 

Is it your first time? There’s nothing to worry about! Climbing is a beginner-friendly activity that’s suitable for all capabilities. If you are looking to challenge yourself, indoor climbing is the way to go.


Whether you are a seasoned climber or looking to switch up your fitness routine, BLOCHAUS CLIMBING is a dedicated climbing centre based in Openshaw. At our Manchester climbing centre, we’ve created a friendly and fun space where you can climb by yourself or bring a group of friends along! 


One of the best parts about climbing is that there’s no need for expensive equipment. Moreover, you also get to enjoy all-year round accessibility. It’s an action-packed workout that’s a lot more interesting than a regular gym experience.

From the outside, climbing can seem intimidating, especially if you are going by yourself. At Bloc Haus Climbing, we go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Regardless of whether you are physically active or not, climbing is for everyone. You don’t need any prior skills to start climbing. Our experts are happy to show you around and give a brief induction. You can also book a 45 minute instructor-led induction to speed up your initial progression.


If you are climbing for the first time, it would be best to wear comfortable clothes. We also suggest trimming your nails for a better and easier grip. You don’t need any prior skills to start climbing. If you're not sure how or where to start, feel free to ask another climber or staff member and make new friends! We take pride in building a friendly climbing community that’s all about camaraderie and support. 


Are you ready to start your climbing journey? Register TODAY.


Unit 1, 34 Wood Street, Openshaw, Manchester, M11 2FB

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