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Climbing Classes Openshaw, Manchester

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Social Nights.

Mixed Social Night

Thursday 6pm - 8pm

Women's Social Night

Tuesday 6pm - 8pm

Social Nights at Blochaus Climbing!


A fantastic way to meet new people and get a few tips and tricks from our friendly staff. It's a relaxed evening and is meant for those looking to climb as part of a group and have a bit of fun.

Just turn up and pay your normal entry fee. There is no need to book and no additional charge.

Women's Social Night

Tuesday 6pm - 8pm

Mixed Social Night

Thursday 6pm - 8pm

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Private Coaching Sessions.



 Private coaching sessions are available for all climbers seeking to improve their performance either out on the rock, or in the gym.


1-to-1 sessions are £30 for an hour and you will have the coach to yourself the entire time. Or you can team up with a buddy for a

2-to-1 session at £40 for an hour (£20 each).


Each 60 minute session includes entry to the gym and you can climb afterwards for as long as you like.



Private coaching sessions can be scheduled for most times when the centre is open depending on the availability of instructors and conflict with other activities in the centre.


Get in touch via phone, email or talk to staff at the centre.

Adult Improvers Course.

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Are you an


climber seeking progression into

the higher grades?

This course is for you!

6 hours of instructor led classes for £70

The 3 week course (3x 2 hour classes) is aimed at those currently climbing at V1 to V4 (our Purple to Orange) and will mainly focus on developing your technique with the aid of one of our highly qualified instructors.


To kickstart your progression book below...

Climbing Classes Openshaw, Manchester

Whether you don’t have the first clue about bouldering or want to take your skills to the next level, Bloc Haus Climbing welcomes you. Apart from a spacious and well-lit space, we also offer a range of courses for various capabilities. From teaching beginners to experienced climbers, we offer a range of courses for various ages and abilities. It’s never too late to start your climbing journey!


Are you a climber looking to upgrade your skills? Let our instructor help you with your climbing skills. We offer a three-week course where our highly skilled instructors will focus on improving your climbing techniques. 


Trying bouldering for the first time can feel overwhelming. How do you start? Is there a specific approach? Will you be able to progress? Allow our experienced and friendly instructors to guide you. 


If you want to take your climbing skills to the next level, register for  an hour-long 1-on-1 session where you will get a dedicated instructor to yourself. You can also bring a friend along and sign up for a 2-on-1 session with a skilled coach.


Climbing isn’t just about fitness. At Bloc Haus, we are building a friendly and social community where you get the opportunity to meet new people.

Climbing isn’t an activity exclusively for adults. It’s a fun and exciting activity for kids aged six and above. Bloc Haus Climbing is pleased to offer kids climbing classes in Openshaw. 


If you are looking for a unique and active way to spend time with your children, try climbing! You and your little ones can take on the challenge of bouldering. This extremely enjoyable sport requires no prior experience.


Climbing can help your kids get some much-needed physical activity. It also improves hand-eye coordination, balance, body awareness and motor skills. Moreover, climbing can do wonders for your children’s overall well-being. This immersive sport boosts confidence, self-esteem and patience. 


Whether your kids are spending too much time on screens or simply bored, climbing might just be the activity they need! Our skilled instructors offer sessions for children aged 6 to 13 years old.


Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Kids Climbing Classes in Openshaw, Manchester

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