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Double Trouble 2023

We hosted our first "Double Trouble" team climbing competition on Saturday the 25th of February here at Blochaus Climbing, Manchester.

This unique competition had 3 different styles of qualifiers, including regular boulder problems, partner climbs and even an endurance challenge on our routing roof.

Competitors teamed up with a climbing buddy to take part in this unique competition. The qualifier challenges were suitable for all ages and abilities and included rope swings, piggy back climbs, zip lines and a bunch of other crazy stuff that was only achievable by working together.

Following the qualifiers we saw the top 4 teams in the male, mixed and female categories battling it out in the finals to be crowned the Double Trouble Champions. The finals consisted of problems which all had to be climbed as a pair. This gave the crowd an amazing show!

If you where not competing in the finals you could stuff your face with good food and beer whilst listening to quality tunes and Jordon's MC skills.

Double Trouble Champions for 2023:

Male: Felix Watson-Evans & Charles Wong

Female: Edie Bridgeman & Isabel Gorton

Mixed: Regain Kinder & Courtney Nixon Millington

Under 16: Kit Watson-Evans & Rufus White

Full Finals Results:

Full Qualifier Results:

A big thank you and well done to all of the competitors, the Blochaus Climbing staff & route setters and our sponsors/partners.

Check out the video from the day on YouTube:


Psychi, Kong Climbing Holds, Core Climbing, Tenzing, Steve Thorley, Bradley Walker, Mumbai to London Café & Daisy Street.


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